Does Thought = Prayer = Magic? : Intelligent Criticism of a Recent Article

This entire post is to highlight an excellent response to a recent article. I would have just typed all this into the comment box at the end of that article, but I can’t seem to keep it under the 1,400 character limit. No matter, there’s always space for more when you own a website.

iYoga, and So Can You

Over the years I have devoted a large amount of my time to endeavors related to personal physical fitness. They have all served their purposes very well, but I must say that I continually find myself coming back to yoga. Other than a few of the other eastern arts such as Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong, I haven't encountered a system of overall health that matches the capabilities of yoga in the rejuvenating, healing, and building of the physical body. Read on for my best sales pitch on why you should try to incorporate at least some yoga into your daily life.

Thought = Prayer = Magic? : Discussing the Thinking Process

Most people I know are under this impenetrable belief that their lives are at the mercy of chance, fate, or some other outside and independent agency acting upon them. They think themselves powerless, and thus refuse to take responsibility for the happenings of their lives; instead choosing to look out away from themselves for either answers or simply something to blame for their current condition.

This will simply not do.

A Brief Guide to Effective Meditation

While on The Healer's Journal I stumbled upon this article originally composed by The Big View, and I felt it worth sharing because of just how comprehensively and intuitively the author communicates this particular flavor of ideas. If you have ever wondered about how one actually goes about achieving a state of meditation, or have ever tried meditation before but became frustrated from a perceived lack of experience, this is an excellent article for you.