Secular Religion, and The Illusion of Lack

A transition has occurred. I feel this will likely be my last article for at least a few months. Much has changed in the world since I began this blog. Things have come to light that were before shunned and taboo to discuss, but now the average conversation I overhear is littered with seeds of hope that one day many of the global issues we currently face will be properly alleviated. This fills me with joy to think about, but also makes me question my role here in this medium of communication, because it seems that there has already been a "critical mass" of sorts attained in the spreading of certain ideas. Essentially, I don't think I'm being of the highest service to others in this role anymore; at least not for the time being. Allow me to dot a couple i's, and cross a couple t's here in this article while I wrap up my most current thoughts on a variety of topics, then bid you all adieu.

Hang an Innocent, Or Let Five Die?

Occasionally, extremely difficult decisions are encountered that reveal no morally obvious course of action to take. Such circumstances are best summed up with the common euphemism, “You’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.” A prime example of one such extremely difficult decision would be the following: