Do We Influence The Weather?

I suspect that mankind has a direct effect on the weather that is independent of technology or pollution.

Biologica Esoterica

I'd like to talk about human health. . . again. This time let's approach the topic differently than we have in my older heath-related articles.

Return of the Garden of Eden

At this point I'm confident that this world will one day heal. I was skeptical about it for a while, thinking at one point that humanity would, for sure, destroy everything on this planet in our ignorant desire to dominate one-another. However, I've seen enough to make me lean the optimist's way despite all of the nasty things happening around the world. You see, the greatest thing that could happen to humanity is to be malcontent, to be angry, to be indignant, because it is only through the experience of these feelings that we can be properly motivated to actually change things. Judging by the volume of such emotions I perceive in the world around me, I sense that there is ample motivation, and therefore there is ample hope. There is one fundamental stumbling block that I'd like to address, though.

The Nature of God

I’d like to have an open, polite, honest, and respectful conversation about the nature of God.


Nudity is a funny thing in our culture.

The Blind Fool

There are certain aspects of ourselves that we hold close to our hearts, to which we only allow certain select others access based upon our own arbitrary and subjective viewpoint of who is worthy of such a connection with us, and who is not.

High Voltage

We have previously discussed the importance of properly watering your human flesh-puppet, and how to go about doing so in accordance with the highest efficacy (here: Yesterday, we discussed the importance of developing conscious control over the nature of your breath, and an example exercise anyone can use to increase their conscious awareness over their passing thoughts and emotions throughout the day (here: Today, we’re going to discuss another critically important aspect of your flesh-puppet’s overall health: Voltage.

Breath, and Awareness

Your emotions, your hormones, the chemicals that your brain secretes, your heart rate, your immune system, your nervous system, your digestive system, your endocrine system, and your respiration are all intimately connected in ways modern science is still attempting to fully map out. When one of these aspects of the body is altered, all of the other parts are likewise altered in kind. Let's look at a typical scenario most people can relate to.

The Tree of Life: Watering Your Roots

The human body, just like any needy plant in a garden, requires two to three deep waterings, and at least a few hours of direct sunlight per day.

Secular Religion, and The Illusion of Lack

A transition has occurred. I feel this will likely be my last article for at least a few months. Much has changed in the world since I began this blog. Things have come to light that were before shunned and taboo to discuss, but now the average conversation I overhear is littered with seeds of hope that one day many of the global issues we currently face will be properly alleviated. This fills me with joy to think about, but also makes me question my role here in this medium of communication, because it seems that there has already been a "critical mass" of sorts attained in the spreading of certain ideas. Essentially, I don't think I'm being of the highest service to others in this role anymore; at least not for the time being. Allow me to dot a couple i's, and cross a couple t's here in this article while I wrap up my most current thoughts on a variety of topics, then bid you all adieu.

Hang an Innocent, Or Let Five Die?

Occasionally, extremely difficult decisions are encountered that reveal no morally obvious course of action to take. Such circumstances are best summed up with the common euphemism, “You’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.” A prime example of one such extremely difficult decision would be the following:

DNA and You: Hacking the Binary Code of Life

I love genetics. I think genetics is definitely one of the coolest sciences ever studied by humanity. As such, I talk about genetics pretty often. I wonder sometimes, however, if I am describing certain concepts in a comprehensible enough fashion to genuinely convey the ideas I happen to write about so often. In this article, allow me to guide you through my best explanation of what your DNA is, and how such information can lead to to living a more fulfilling existence here on Earth.

Anatomy of a Dream Part III: Alchemy and The Yoga of the Mind

It's taken me a bit longer to write this installation than I thought it would. The information has been available for me to write down, but for some reason I haven't had as much motivation to write these last few weeks. I've found that my alone time has turned into an interesting silence, and I just haven't felt much like being bothered to actually create a body for my thoughts to reside in. I have, however, been reaching some vital conclusions about my life and the manner in which I plan to continue my adventures here on Earth. Thus, now it appears is the proper time in which to present this final installation of Anatomy Of A Dream. The content of this article has weighed heavily on my mind these last few weeks, and I very much hope I convey these concepts accurately enough to be of help to others.