SuperWater > Water

It would be wise to replace the majority of your daily liquid intake with SuperWater, otherwise known as "Tea". Specifically Tulsi Tea, warm or chilled (up to you, just don't reheat chilled tea in a microwave cuz microwaves suck ass), and preferably with fresh ginger added in too.

The Path

The principle mistake of the untrained when embarking on a path of training is to attempt to rush the process. In the time I've spent on my path, this very mistake has led to three separate injuries that all knocked me off my path for weeks to months while they healed. I'd passionately hop back on my path when I was ready to go again, and push myself as hard as I could to regain my previous capacities. . . only to hurt something else. It took me three injuries to learn this simple lesson. If you're smart, you won't need to suffer from any.