Anatomy of a Dream Part II: What is "Fifth-Dimensional" Thought?

It's been a few weeks since we initially began this series, but now it is time to follow the rabbit hole deeper and get to the real guts of what dreams are. In part one, we briefly discussed the way in which you personally partake in fourth dimensional thought-processes all the time; noting how this shapes and forms your reality based upon the decisions you make on a waking, conscious level. Now, let's use this information to aid us in trying to better understand the nature of our dreaming thought-processes.

Real Talk

I talk about a whole lotta shit. I talk about health. I talk about science. I talk about ancient forgotten history, futuristic utopian economic systems, technology, yoga, 'energy', and all sorts of other crazy-ass stuff that many of you probably find odd. You know what though? I've had this damn blog going for a year now, and somehow I've neglected to take the time to talk about the most amazing thing to ever happen to me. Please, allow me to introduce you to my Rock, my All, my Angle; my Wife.

The Scientific Validity of Divinity

This is a research paper I turned in today for my writing class. It's kept me pretty busy for the last few days, but it turned out to be a well worth-it endeavor. I learned so much from studying this topic, and I highly recommend you look into the Biocentric Universe at Dr. Robert Lanza's website.

Discussing the relationship between working, and having a job.

Work makes the mind disciplined and present, and it is absolutely vital for a meaningful life. Work can be uncomfortable at times, and often means some form of sacrifice of one's time and physical comfort, making work a very clear indication (or lack thereof) of what a person cares about. All people could very much benefit from the side effects of good, hard work.

The Anatomy of a Dream Part I : What is "Fourth-Dimensional" Thought?

Initially when I sat down here to write this article, I was going to talk about the importance of dreams in your everyday life. Then, as I began writing, I realized that I had made a huge error in the way I was going about approaching the topic. How could I adequately explain the sheer importance of the dreaming mind without first explaining what, exactly, the 'dreaming mind' is? I ended up deleting all that stuff, and here we are. So, here is my best attempt at explaining the nature of fourth dimensional thought processes:

Death Within a Dream: An Analysis

This is a just a lil didly that I wrote back in January, and recently stumbled upon while going through my files. I found it because I have been gathering some of my unpublished material on dreams that might help me further explain an upcoming article more effectively. To begin, we will simply address the validity of the dreaming phenomenon. Enjoy, and keep an eye out for the next installment in this series!

Solidifying A Psychological Cliché

Whenever I see or read something that discusses the benefits of 'releasing negative emotion', I feel as if the process involved in doing so is conveyed a bit vague, and that the concept itself sounds quite empty, like a hollow "bless you" spoken after a stranger sneezes. In order to more concisely explain the brevity and importance of this concept, and hopefully help as many people I can, I propose an analogy:

Ode to Pedophilia

We as a society are a bunch of pedophiles. Yes, chances are quite high that just about every one of you are in some way influenced by pedophilic tendencies. Granted, obviously we're not all a bunch of baby-touchers or child rapists, but the kicker comes in the fine print of the definition for "pedophilia". A bit of a bold claim, I know, but give me a few minutes to make my argument and the comment box is all yours.

Does Thought = Prayer = Magic? : Intelligent Criticism of a Recent Article

This entire post is to highlight an excellent response to a recent article. I would have just typed all this into the comment box at the end of that article, but I can’t seem to keep it under the 1,400 character limit. No matter, there’s always space for more when you own a website.

iYoga, and So Can You

Over the years I have devoted a large amount of my time to endeavors related to personal physical fitness. They have all served their purposes very well, but I must say that I continually find myself coming back to yoga. Other than a few of the other eastern arts such as Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong, I haven't encountered a system of overall health that matches the capabilities of yoga in the rejuvenating, healing, and building of the physical body. Read on for my best sales pitch on why you should try to incorporate at least some yoga into your daily life.

Thought = Prayer = Magic? : Discussing the Thinking Process

Most people I know are under this impenetrable belief that their lives are at the mercy of chance, fate, or some other outside and independent agency acting upon them. They think themselves powerless, and thus refuse to take responsibility for the happenings of their lives; instead choosing to look out away from themselves for either answers or simply something to blame for their current condition.

This will simply not do.

A Brief Guide to Effective Meditation

While on The Healer's Journal I stumbled upon this article originally composed by The Big View, and I felt it worth sharing because of just how comprehensively and intuitively the author communicates this particular flavor of ideas. If you have ever wondered about how one actually goes about achieving a state of meditation, or have ever tried meditation before but became frustrated from a perceived lack of experience, this is an excellent article for you.

The Fine Line Between Education and Indoctrination & A Brief Experiment Update

There is a tear in the fabric of our knowledge. There is a rift that runs so deep into our collective consciousness that it is very difficult to identify, let alone put accurate words to. This article is my attempt to put words to such a beast, because in the naming and recognition of an issue one may then begin to work towards removing it from their lives.

We Are The Walking Dead

The current lifestyle here in the modern Western world is not only ridiculous, it is absolute mathematical suicide. To continue on the path of this lifestyle in the face of all of the current medical/epidemiological literature is the biggest mistake our country has ever made. Welcome to your current reality, the reality your broken economic structure has delivered to your feet: The NeoCapitalistic States of Indoctrinated Suicidal Tendencies.