Do We Influence The Weather?

I suspect that mankind has a direct effect on the weather that is independent of technology or pollution.

Biologica Esoterica

I'd like to talk about human health. . . again. This time let's approach the topic differently than we have in my older heath-related articles.

Return of the Garden of Eden

At this point I'm confident that this world will one day heal. I was skeptical about it for a while, thinking at one point that humanity would, for sure, destroy everything on this planet in our ignorant desire to dominate one-another. However, I've seen enough to make me lean the optimist's way despite all of the nasty things happening around the world. You see, the greatest thing that could happen to humanity is to be malcontent, to be angry, to be indignant, because it is only through the experience of these feelings that we can be properly motivated to actually change things. Judging by the volume of such emotions I perceive in the world around me, I sense that there is ample motivation, and therefore there is ample hope. There is one fundamental stumbling block that I'd like to address, though.