Anatomy of a Dream Part II: What is "Fifth-Dimensional" Thought?

It's been a few weeks since we initially began this series, but now it is time to follow the rabbit hole deeper and get to the real guts of what dreams are. In part one, we briefly discussed the way in which you personally partake in fourth dimensional thought-processes all the time; noting how this shapes and forms your reality based upon the decisions you make on a waking, conscious level. Now, let's use this information to aid us in trying to better understand the nature of our dreaming thought-processes.

Real Talk

I talk about a whole lotta shit. I talk about health. I talk about science. I talk about ancient forgotten history, futuristic utopian economic systems, technology, yoga, 'energy', and all sorts of other crazy-ass stuff that many of you probably find odd. You know what though? I've had this damn blog going for a year now, and somehow I've neglected to take the time to talk about the most amazing thing to ever happen to me. Please, allow me to introduce you to my Rock, my All, my Angle; my Wife.

The Scientific Validity of Divinity

This is a research paper I turned in today for my writing class. It's kept me pretty busy for the last few days, but it turned out to be a well worth-it endeavor. I learned so much from studying this topic, and I highly recommend you look into the Biocentric Universe at Dr. Robert Lanza's website.

Discussing the relationship between working, and having a job.

Work makes the mind disciplined and present, and it is absolutely vital for a meaningful life. Work can be uncomfortable at times, and often means some form of sacrifice of one's time and physical comfort, making work a very clear indication (or lack thereof) of what a person cares about. All people could very much benefit from the side effects of good, hard work.