SuperWater > Water

It would be wise to replace the majority of your daily liquid intake with SuperWater, otherwise known as "Tea". Specifically Tulsi Tea, warm or chilled (up to you, just don't reheat chilled tea in a microwave cuz microwaves suck ass), and preferably with fresh ginger added in too.

Tulsi (Holy Basil)
is known as an adaptogen, and is the foundational herb of my favorite system of medicine, Ayurveda. Adaptogens work by increasing the activity of histone enzymes. When these enzymes are working at high capacity, DNA transcription occurs more readily. Essentially, these enzymes can be thought of like RAM in a computer. There is information stored in the DNA hard drive which needs to be accessed, and by having lots of RAM that information can be accessed more efficiently.

Why this matters:
The basis of every single thing that your body has ever done since the day sperm met egg is DNA transcription. How well the nucleus of a cell can accesses genetic information decides how well it performs under stress, when infected with a virus, when being attacked by a bacteria, or when simply carrying out its' day to day functions. By drinking an abundance of adaptogenic tulsi tea, the RAM-like histone enzymes more efficiently make DNA available for this process.

What this means:
Tulsi tea is basically the natural equivalent of the multicolored power-up star in Super Mario. By increasing transcriptional efficiency, every other thing the body ever does is made better by default. This means better cholesterol levels. This means better blood-sugar regulation. This means better immunity and less intense bouts of seasonal illness. This means shorter recovery time after a workout. This means better sleep. This means better digestion. This means better brain function. This means cancer resistance. This means a longer and more vivid life. The list goes on and on. It's just that awesome.

What to keep in mind:
Tea is leaves, and bugs like leaves, and spraying poison on leaves is a cheap and easy way to keep bugs off leaves. Thus, quality counts a lot in this barbarous economic environment. Left and right it's being found that much of the tea sold in grocery stores is contaminated with bullshit, because cutting corners increases profits. Don't be an idiot, and ensure whatever you're buying isn't filled with said bullshit. Avoid psychopaths like Lipton and Celestial like the plague, and gravitate towards tea produced legitimately; not by wage-slave labor and not marinated in RoundUp. We all know water's awesome and makes us more awesome. However, it's just water; a blank canvas; an unutilized solvent. We can increase the state of our badassery by increasing the badassery of the water we drink. SuperWater is greater than Water.

Oh by the way,
Tulsi chelates fluoride out of water and out of your body. So if a quality water filter for eliminating this 'government-approved' mass-drugged neurotoxin from the water you and your family drink isn't in the budget, Tulsi's got you bro.

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