We Are The Walking Dead

The current lifestyle here in the modern Western world is not only ridiculous, it is absolute mathematical suicide. To continue on the path of this lifestyle in the face of all of the current medical/epidemiological literature is the biggest mistake our country has ever made. Welcome to your current reality, the reality your broken economic structure has delivered to your feet: The NeoCapitalistic States of Indoctrinated Suicidal Tendencies.

Disclaimer: I do not condone suicide in any fashion. The word is simply used as a provocative literary vehicle in order to properly communicate the desired magnitude of importance.

Lets take a look at what kills Americans the most. According to the CDC in 2010:
  • 597,689 people died of Heart Disease
  • 574,743 people died of Cancer
  • 129,476 people died from a Stroke
  • 83,494 people died from Alzheimer's
  • 69,071 people died from Diabetes
  • 50,097 people died from the Flu or Pneumonia
  • 38,364 people died from intentional Suicide 
Wanna know something special? Wanna know something that a lot of filthy rich people are devoting massive amounts of resources to in order to ensure that you never learn?

Every single one of these disease is 100% preventable, 100% treatable, and most of them are quite curable depending on the state of progression that they have been allowed to reach without proper treatment. What is that treatment you ask? Lifestyle change, namely in the realm of dietary intake, that's what. Every single one of these diseases has been conquered in countless studies, trials, and experiments through the thoughtful implementation of dietary guidelines.

It's kinda difficult to make money off of what people eat, though. Food does grow on trees, after all. Try it, I dare you. Take a seed and bury it, then watch what happens.

The evidence to prove these statements true is not limited by any stretch of the imagination, it has simply been ignored...on purpose. There is just too much money and wealth riding on the "fact" that people "just kinda catch diseases". These rich, selfish, power-hungry bastards have devoted trillions to ensure that you continue to live your life in the absolute most disease-breeding fashion possible...all while hypnotizing you into believing that you are following healthy guidelines.

They are literally growing disease. On purpose. America is a petri dish, and you my friend, are the nutrient-rich agar intended to feed the growing scourge. You are being murdered, slowly but surely and in the fashion that maximizes their bottom line profits.

So let's revisit that list compiled by the CDC from 2010:
  • 1,504,570 (that's 1.5 MILLION) people died from unintentional suicide (assisted suicide/murder, depends how you look at it)
  • 38,364 people died from intentional suicide
For a total of 1,542,934 dead people from self-inflicted detriment, which is very much a low-balled number due to the brevity of my list.

This is the result of our current way of life. This is the result of what happens when those in positions of power are allowed to influence the masses incrementally over the course of many decades towards a lifestyle/dietary paradigm geared toward consumption, competition, and profits.

This needs to stop. Now.

How can we begin to stop this madness, though? It's just so large, and just so powerful right? I hear all the time from people sympathetic to my words, "It all sounds great, but you can't prevail over the Powers That Be". I say to those people but one word: Coward.

Then there is the group of people whom I encounter that take a marked opposition to this particular stance. These are the ones who smile in the face of their diseases, and the diseases of the country en masse. They blindly accept that these sicknesses just happen, and will forever exist... so why bother fighting it? These are the people who are overweight, drunken, addicted, sedentary, judgmental, gossip-laiden, and depressed, while criticizing and mocking those whom at least attempt to maintain proper diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits because "that shit's gay, just grab a burger, a beer, n some chips and stop trying to be Captain Planet," or some equally nonsensical ignorant bullshit of that nature.

These people are the real health crisis in this country. They are the top-shelf products of the poison-laced pharmaceutical/agricultural/oil/media complex; the perfect consumer who adamantly aids to discourage others from further interest in unique thought and the pursuit of something better for their own health. An example of this type of person is best found in this excerpt written in 1960 mocking the then-current medical research which clearly demonstrated the powerful healing abilities of diet:

"Thumbnail Sketch of the Man Least Likely to Have Coronary Heart Disease:
An effeminate municipal worker or embalmer, completely lacking in physical and mental alertness and without drive, ambition or competitive spirit who has never attempted to meet a deadline of any kind. A man with poor appetite, subsisting on fruits and vegetables laced with corn and whale oils, detesting tobacco, spurning ownership of radio, TV or motor car, with full head of hair and scrawny and un-athletic in appearance, yet constantly straining his puny muscles by exercise; low in come, blood pressure, blood sugar, uric acid and cholesterol, who has been taking nicotinic acid, pyridoxine (B-vitamins) and long term anti-coagulant therapy ever since his prophylactic castration."
As one of my favorite researchers put's it: "Only REAL men have heart disease, right?"

This mentality has evolved to become much more fundamental to the nature of mass personality than it was in the 60's, and has done so by the subtle direction of clever and innocuous advertisements geared to weaponize the ego of the consumer against the consumer with the intention of producing ever higher profit margins. These corporations are top-notch masters of the human psyche; the very colors and chosen music employed in their advertisements designed to elicit specific emotional responses from perspective buyers.

This attitude of submission to a manmade set of circumstances is below me, and I genuinely hope you feel the same of yourself. Therefore...

A polite request for any and all of you who feel that your current status as a proud propagator of an unhealthy lifestyle is something to be boasted about, or that those who make a conscious effort to improve their health through dietary and otherwise holistic means are to be mocked for some arbitrary evaluation of being a 'tree-hugging hippie', 'anti-establishment conspiracist', 'health nut that doesn't like good food', or for some perceived lack of "manliness":

Please let today be the day you write a loving note, load up a shotgun, take a nice reflective walk into the middle of the woods, sob your self-loathing eyes out, and freakin end it already. Your death will cost me nothing if you go ahead and just get it over with now. By living out the rest of your days in your current state of blatant disregard for the amazing biological vessel you were born unto you are going to end up costing me, and my children, and probably even THEIR children a shitload of resources and stress due to the massive amounts of "Health-Care" (#death, #vomitinmymouth, #biggestlieeversold) costs you are going to end up inflicting on this already deplorable economic model.

Please understand that I AM NOT TELLING YOU TO KILL YOURSELF, but suicide is essentially what it is you are executing...just much more slowly, painfully, and expensively than what our good friend the 12-gauge has to offer. The change starts within the mind of each individual, for as of right now the state of leadership in our country is far too corrupt and disgusting to wait for some change in governmental policy to save your life. You have a choice, dearest reader:

Actively Survive, or Passively Die

For there is only one true disease in all of the world; one disease to rule them all. This disease is fear.

One day my child will look up to me with a bright curiosity in his eyes and ask, "Dad, how on earth did everyone put up with all those weird 'disease' things when you were a kid? It just seems so silly to me." I will smile down at him and say, "I have no idea, son. Some people were just too afraid to let them go."

I leave you with a beautiful quote from Dresden James: 

"A truth’s initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed. It wasn’t the world being round that agitated people, but that the world wasn’t flat. When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.

The ideal tyranny is that which is ignorantly self-administered by its victims. The most perfect slaves are, therefore, those which blissfully and unawaredly enslave themselves." 


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