Smile, You're a Star

Literally. Wanna know how?

Story Time!
Once upon a [time] there was a cute little thing named Everything. It's kinda weird, because in fact this little ball of Everything is the only thing that existed at that [time]. There wasn't anything outside of everything, for that would imply that Everything did not actually contain every thing. It simply was. Everything contained every single atom, every wave of light, every insignificant piece of consciousness that would eventually be used to shape the mental processes of subsequent creations of Everything.

How big was this Everything? Was it spherical? A hyperbolic cube? Some have even postulated that it was all contained in a volume of space smaller than the size of an electron.

Wrong, wrong. and wrong. [Yes, I understand the gravity of this statement.]

You see, by the very process of the individual attempting to visualize what this Everything might have 'looked' like, the individual is placing themselves in a position of observation outside of Everything. This, my friends, is impossible and ridiculous. By definition, Everything contains within itself every. freakin. thing. Mathematically speaking one will end up after weeks of calculations with a headache and either
  1. A big fat sideways 8, or
  2. A curve that asymptotically approaches 0, depending on how the calculations are performed.
So let me ask those questions again: Was it a big ball, or a subatomic-sized ball. Was it cubic, or fractal in nature? It wasn't anything. It simply was.

Now, one [day] Everything began to piece some of its components together into somewhat organized structures by pushing itself out away from its center of singularity and expanding every thing. This expansion is due to the fact that in order for energy to have form, space must be occupied (Form/Space = Everything/Nothing, they are the exact same equation of Infinity divided by Zero). In this expansion of Everything massive amounts of energy were released and now had enough space to physically move and separate from other forms of energy. Over [time] the electromagnetic attractions of certain energies caused the formation of a multitude of different constructs, known to the human race as "Stars". Stars are born through the conglomeration of energy binding together through the Law of Attraction.

Energy = Consciousness
So let's talk some more about these Stars. First off, remember that though the Stars are 'out there' floating in space we are still only discussing an expanded state of Everything. Essentially, Everything pushed out away from its unity to allow for the formation, or birth, of subsequent energy manifestations that would not have been possible while being all 'smashed together'. These stars are pure energy of like forces being attracted together to a point that they develop into massive spheres. This energy, as is interpreted with modern instruments, also resonates at a variety of frequencies outside of what we are currently capable of measuring. Eddington, one of the greatest scientists of this age, has said, "We used to think that matter is a thing; now it is no more so. Matter and energy are more like thoughts than like things." Specifically, these energy constructs, or stars, are nothing more than the concentration of the loose consciousness that was swirling around from the expansion of Everything.

So a Star is Born, Now What?
Well, its an oversimplification to say that the star is just born. They really start out as a cosmopolitan of gasses and nuclear/electrical charges that eventually develop enough pressure to push the equation to the right and combust. Personally I like to think of this process as a pregnancy, with the final combustion being equated with the actual 'birth' of the star. From this point forward the star lives out it's life; constantly attracting particles and energy towards itself while simultaneously disposing of the waste products of its own unique energy metabolism. These waste products end up taking the form of light, heat, and other radiations. Eventually the massive amounts of energy reserves within the star begin to wane; decreasing in density and combusting more rapidly. This ends up causing the star to metabolize waste products much faster, with the end state being a much hotter star right before it burns out and dies. There are varying strata within the combustion processes of a star, each one carrying out different forms of combustion reactions and each one contributing a unique kind of waste product to the the solar system in which the star resides. When one or more of these strata run out of a necessary chemical component, that strata collapses. In quite short order, when these layers begin to collapse onto each other new chemical combustion reactions are forced to completion through the added pressure. These reactions are even more violent than the previous ones, and result in what is known as a Supernova. A Supernova is the largest, strongest, and most violent chemical reaction known to the human species, and it is still not fully understood. These explosions radiate energy of all kinds light-years away, and take billions of years to fully dissipate.

But even in the gloriously violent death of a star life is made possible.

Que "The Lion King" Theme Song
Just in case you aren't quite following me when I say supernovas are crazy powerful, let me put it like this: these reactions are SO hot, SO radioactive, and SO acute in nature that they literally CREATE ELEMENTS. The chemical process of such an explosion forms Iron, Gold, Silver, Lead, Water, and all sorts of other craziness. Where do ya think all those elements go? Out into the ever-expanding Everything that we talked about a few minutes ago, that's where. Now a whole new process of attractions begin to take place. Now we have big ol' boulders of fresh ice, metals, and minerals that are just kinda flyin around in straight lines. . . unless they begin to be attracted to the electromagnetic pull of another celestial mass, of course. I'm sure you've seen the documentaries on television about planet formation [narrated by Morgan Freeman, of course], so I won't insult your intelligence here; suffice to say there's the story of the birds n the bees, and now there's planets all over the place. These planets form around stars because the probability of all of those space-rocks finding and colliding into each other outside of a localized gravitational framework is pretty slim.

Well well well, here we are on the planet Earth. How convenient. A planet that is composed of a wide array of heavy metals, minerals, molecules, and pure elements that are actually the products of multiple star's deaths from billions [maybe trillions?] of years ago, which have all congealed around this perfect little life-abiding star out on the very edge of the Milky Way galaxy.

The cycle of creation and destruction is further demonstrated in every single facet of life on this planet. The very crust of the earth itself is even in a constant state of creation and destruction through the ongoing processes of Plate Tectonics. Things live, die, decompose, are consumed, or otherwise transformed into different forms of energy every moment that passes you by. This is inevitable, this is the order of the universe. Stagnation is not allowed by the Universal Laws; change is the only constant.

The Everything expanded and gave birth to empty space. Empty space facilitated the birth of concentrated energy constructs, called stars. In life stars provide raw energy, heat, and light, while providing raw matter in the form of pure elements and compounds in their death. This matter is attracted to other sources of raw energy (stars) through gravitational and electromagnetic attractions and forms planets. Under pristine circumstances a planet might then be capable of harboring organic molecules, and therefore life in some shape or form. This life is perpetually recycled on the planet for as many eons as the foster-parent star might survive. This recycling process leads to evolution; leading to more and more consciously advanced lifeforms.

These lifeforms are microcosms of the universe itself. The body of a conscious organism is likened to the universe, the major organs of energy transformation within the organism being likened to stars, and the various other organs and cell tissues of the organism being likened to the planetary structures and creatures that are contained with the universe. There are millions of cellular deaths within your body every day that allow you to continue this thing you perceive as 'life'. Your body is a beautiful collage of creation and destruction that is always in flux based upon the impetus of the overall consciousness of the organism [Everything].

Upon the death of the foster-parent star the planet and all life contained therein will be consumed in a brilliant supernova reaction, and the entire process of life will repeat itself. This is the way shit goes down dude, and it's pretty mind-boggling to say the least.

I love it all.

So What's This Mean to You?
Well as I hope you recall from our discussion in The Theory of Unified Consciousness, the idea of time being a linear thing is actually rather bogus and outdated. It's only true purpose for humanity at this point is in the convenience factor that it brings to the table of communication. Time is relative my friend; entirely based upon electromagnetic and gravitational impulses. Follow me here:
  1. You happen to be floating in completely empty space (don't worry, you can't suffocate or freeze to death in this thought experiment). There is absolutely no celestial body, or any reference point anywhere around you and you're just kinda helplessly floating there. If you are thinking of this properly you will probably begin to feel uncomfortable.
  2. Your buddy is sitting in a nice patch of grass in a field on Earth, perhaps learning how to meditate, or something.
  3. You both set your stop watches at the same time, and you somehow manage to chill out there in the nothingness of space for a year, and come back. What do you think you will find?
Kinda hard to say for sure, but I can promise you what you won't find. You won't find your friend, and you probably won't recognize your home town at all, if it's even there anymore. This is because time is a plastic dimension. With no reference point or significant body of energy nearby time reacts differently. Essentially your 'year' out in the vacuum of space equates to quite a few 'years' worth of time back here on Earth. Your perception of time is what gives time meaning, and your perception of anything is based upon your ability to observe reference points and make mental measurements as to your specific space/time grid location. Time is nothing more than an added factor to be taken into account, it does not decide the fate of any progressions. Actually, the rate of time is decided by the the localized progressions around the observer. No progressions + no reference points = a rate of time that approaches zero. What you think of as time does not exist. Remember our discussion earlier? EVERYTHING SIMPLY IS. NOT WAS. NOT WILL BE. There is nothing outside of the spacious present, all coexists simultaneously and quite harmoniously.

So, how are you a star?
I sure hope you're starting to connect these dots here dude. You are composed of atoms and molecules that were nothing but rocks, water, and gasses sitting on an even bigger rock out in space. This bigger rock was created by a bunch of smaller rocks all colliding into each other. These smaller rocks were created in the supernova of one or more stars. The stars are the founders of consciousness as we know it, as before the stars were created all consciousness was contained within Unity. Within Unity there is no individuality, and through the formation of these stars the subtle framework for the eventual evolution of conscious individuality was seeded.

Don't forget that it's all happening right NOW. These terms of past and present are a nuisance to dance around, and might be misleading here, but do not overlook the fact that RIGHT NOW there is a star being formed that contains all or part of the consciousness that comprises your corporeal form. RIGHT NOW those stars are exploding in a near-infinite display of power and creation. RIGHT NOW our planet is in the process of formation. RIGHT NOW all of these forms of consciousness are congealing together to create shape and form with awareness and intent.

You are burning bright right now, dear reader. The energies and consciousness that make up your 'self' are all still part and parcel to the brilliant Supernovas that have blessed the Everything with their combined gifts of matter and form. Your constituent energies adding your own unique contribution to its glory; exactly the same way each cell of your body individually contributes to your experience today.

Thank you for the role that you are currently playing. You are an invaluable piece to my existence, and I appreciate you very much.

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  1. We owe the existence of carbon (and other heavier elements) to supernovae. No carbon, no life. Pretty awesome to think about.

    It's definitely a romantic idea, the "we are made of stardust" type sentiment. Never really drew any philosophical implications from it. The bigger question, alluded to in the beginning, is one that is properly metaphysical. "Why is there something, and not nothing?" I need to read your article on Theory of Unified Consciousness before I comment any more. Cool post.