Do We Influence The Weather?

I suspect that mankind has a direct effect on the weather that is independent of technology or pollution.

Every human being radiates a double-torus electromagnetic energy field that is measurable from several feet away. When we are excited or stimulated in some manner, be it positively or negatively according to our subjective bias, the size of this donut-shaped energy field expands to encompass a greater amount of space. When we are depressed, feeling defeated, or otherwise dis-eased, this energy field shrinks much closer the body. When we are in close proximity to others, the frequency of our own field is in constant interaction with the other fields around us in a dynamic relationship. The stimulus of the composing parts influence the whole until equilibrium is attained. This overall gestalt energy field is the average frequency for a given arena of experience involving multiple entities, and can be addressed as one singular electromagnetic field the same way "I" is actually a gestalt of myriad individual cells. This is why you are capable of walking into a room full of interacting people, and can intuitively assess the energetic frequency of the room, and why you are capable of assessing the overall energetic output of a person you are familiar with without the sloppy use of vocal communication being required. Your field is constantly interacting and enjoining with the fields of others. This interaction has a direct subconscious influence on you each and every time, regardless of whether or not your personal beliefs allow for the conscious acceptance of nonphysically acquired information.

As these combined energy fields wax and wane together based upon the added components of each individual entity's frequency and amplitude composing them, the impact they have on the world around them changes in kind. The weather is heavily influenced by electromagnetism, and the subtle movement of electrons through the air are a noted influential component to storm patterns. I propose that the overall gestalt frequency of entire communities of man could conceivably have a large enough impact on the electromagnetic currents around them to influence the weather patterns they, en masse, experience. To think of the millions of people who live in this region of New York alone, and to then consider that we are all, at least somewhat, on the same wavelength of thought due to common media and social influences on our psyche, it stands to my reasoning that this overall multi-million entity gestalt energy signature could impact the weather we experience together in a powerfully organized fashion.

Think about it. We Western New-Yorkers happen to love our weather quite a bit. We love to bitch and complain about it mostly, but the thing is that like I said before, strong emotive frequencies make our individual fields enlarge regardless of our subjective thoughts on positivity or negativity. By loving to hate it so much, we strengthen the attachment to the very concept itself. Our love/hate relationship with this type of weather is very powerful, and, from what I can tell anyway, is a strong component of the very character and sense of identity of all those raised with it. Hell, some of you on here are so excited for our difficult weather to return that you have already wished away the remainder of Summer with pictures of capitalism-driven products associated with the capitalism-driven celebrations of October, shunning appreciation for the beauty of September altogether. We love to post pictures of other region's "bad weather" to scoff at them because "they don't know what a real winter is". Those who suffer together grow together, after all. As the unified social entity that we all help to create through our individual torus fields becomes more excited in activity, and therefore engorged with emotional vibrational amplitude, we collectively generate electromagnetic excitement as well that may just have a bigger impact on weather patterns than we like to believe.

We live next to a variety of lakes, and the cultural frequency of all the inhabitants around those lakes, be them from New York or Canada, is strikingly similar because, well, we're all culturally raised pretty similar despite our subtle differences. Water itself, as I've addressed before, is a potent carrier and storehouse of information because of its remarkably infinite computer-like hydrogen bonding lattice structures. Perhaps our "lake effect" weather has more to do with us than we previously thought.


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