Death Within a Dream: An Analysis

This is a just a lil didly that I wrote back in January, and recently stumbled upon while going through my files. I found it because I have been gathering some of my unpublished material on dreams that might help me further explain an upcoming article more effectively. To begin, we will simply address the validity of the dreaming phenomenon. Enjoy, and keep an eye out for the next installment in this series!

When you dream, does not all of the objects, items, persons and places within the dream feel solid, tangible, and real? Does the time you experience within the dream not seem to flow naturally, encompassing what you perceive to be minutes, hours, days, even years in some cases while "actually" taking place in but a few fleeting moments of your sleep? If you so happen to die within that dream (assuming you even allow the dream to progress to such a state), do you not simply wake up?

Last night I dreamt I died.

The manner in which this event took place is of no real consequence; suffice to say it was a rather uncomfortable and frightening experience. . . at first. I say it that way because death within a dream has before been something that terrified me to the point that as soon as my character realized and accepted that the death was imminent, I panicked, and found myself startled awake. I'm not insinuating that I find myself dreaming of death often, as I can only really remember a very small handful of occurrences of it happening, but never before have I forced myself to watch it play out completely before awakening myself through my terror of a foreign framework of experience. What occurred there in that place need not be fully explained, either, as it was very much a personalized moment that will most likely not resonate with anyone but myself. Honestly, I don't think I would be capable of describing it even if I tried. I then found myself calmly aware of my dreaming, and decided to wake up so that I could grab my journal and jot down everything which transpired right then and there; I'm sure you can relate to how hard it is to remember the details of a dream for very long after awakening.

It was during the reading of my entry this morning that I was kinda smacked with a new perspective on a thought process I have always approached from a different angle. When I die in a dream, that particular character ceases to be my minds focus as I shift back to this, more "real" one; the Seth writing this post. Perhaps, then, when this Seth physically perishes it will only be the transitioning of a larger part of my minds focus to a then even broader, even "more real" persona?

This would then imply that the culmination of all of my continued experiences are all simply part and parcel of an infinite series of progressive "Awakenings" that are all actually transpiring quite simultaneously; for if the time experienced with my dreams now is actually but a few seconds of this Seth's REM cycle, then the entire life of this Seth would actually be contained with an instant of the dreaming mind of a larger, "real-er", Seth. . . so on ad-infinitum.


I propose it is quite conceivable that we are all coexisting within a dream housed within the ever expanding mind of God, and that death itself is just the birthing process of a new set of experiences within this infinite framework.

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