Discussing the relationship between working, and having a job.

Work makes the mind disciplined and present, and it is absolutely vital for a meaningful life. Work can be uncomfortable at times, and often means some form of sacrifice of one's time and physical comfort, making work a very clear indication (or lack thereof) of what a person cares about. All people could very much benefit from the side effects of good, hard work.

I am not talking about simply having a job, mind you. Jobs are deadly stuff when you really think about it. There is plenty of added stress that your job generates that wouldn't otherwise be there, not to mention the sheer hazards and common injuries involved with many jobs out there. Jobs only serve to get in the way of your real Work. What's that you ask?

I mean the shit you're supposed to be here to do! You have a passion, and chances are you're really good at it, too. Why? Because you give a damn about it, that's why! You have interests and hobbies and skills and passions and all this really awesome stuff inside you, but. . .

You gotta go to your job. You have bills. Money.

The key, my friend, at least until this bs concept of internationally using worthless, fake fiat money finally subsides, is to find a way to make your life's True Work also somehow put food on your table (while somehow miraculously avoiding the nasty tendency of making your True Work a 'job'). Accomplish this, and you will have risen above the system; you would have beaten the game.

You see, your passions are a miraculous gift to each and every one of you, but they become gifts of the divine when you find a way in which you can also use those gifts for the benefit of others as well.

You each came here to have your own impact; your own contribution, but often times this gift is suppressed or overlooked because it may not be the most lucrative of things in modern society. Imagine what you would do every day if you were freely able to just go and do what impassions you, without ever experiencing the toxic feeling of "shit, I gotta go to work today"?

Just sayin dude. The absolute worst thing in this life; the most painful and heavily felt of all the sins of the world, is feeling death rise in your eyes as you finally understand what you shudda freakin done with your life. Do not let fear of money, or acceptance, or judgement, or security, or anything cease you from your True Work, you will be aided in your efforts if they are fueled from the right place in your heart. There are times when they must be set aside for a bit; to set the foundations for more efficient work, but let it never be discarded from your mind. Your passions are your truest source of power; your direct link to divinity. Find a way to make yourself entertained, interested, and happy, while also helping others in the process, and you have achieved the highest and most worthy of goals in this world.

This is the time for all of us to pick up our Work. We could make such miracles together.



  1. i fully agree with the idea of doing what you feel you are good at... if you think that you do one particular thing better than anyone else in the world then that is what you were probably meant to do with your life. i personally know what i was meant to do with my life, it may not be currently the most legal thing to do with ones life, but i know that i have the desire to take it to a level that can benefit thousands. if you know that you are good at something then you owe it to yourself to explore how you can use your talents to benefit society and the people that you love

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