Anatomy of a Dream Part II: What is "Fifth-Dimensional" Thought?

It's been a few weeks since we initially began this series, but now it is time to follow the rabbit hole deeper and get to the real guts of what dreams are. In part one, we briefly discussed the way in which you personally partake in fourth dimensional thought-processes all the time; noting how this shapes and forms your reality based upon the decisions you make on a waking, conscious level. Now, let's use this information to aid us in trying to better understand the nature of our dreaming thought-processes.

If the fourth dimension is simply time, then what the hell is the fifth?
I'm gonna be straight with you dude, I don't have a word for it. Some people and cultures do, but I don't like to use religious jargon in my writing if I can help it; foreign words are obviously foreign for a reason. The best way for me to describe 5th Dimensional thought would be to simply tell you it is just another grid-point location, but this explanation feels rather unsatisfying without some form of illustration, huh? I'll do my best here; essentially we can use a very similar line of thought to that which was employed in the first installation of this series to understand 4D thought:

Remember in part one, when we discussed the intro-to-physics question regarding the ball being thrown off a roof? In the initial question we noted that the z axis had been omitted for simplification, reducing a full-blown physics equation into that of a basic quadratic equation. This is because every event that you ever perceive is, at a minimum, a 4D event. There are the three spatial dimensions, and the dimension of time with which all rates and changes are compared. It takes time to simply witness a thing; even if the thing itself is inanimate and purely 3D in nature. Keeping track of all four of these dimensions is a bit of a task, thus one of them is eliminated to facilitate the gradual learning process of the kid in school. This allows the problem to be easily communicated on a 2D plane; being the paper it is written on. Later on, the problem is addressed for what it actually is: a 4D event. These more complicated problems kinda need to be visualized in your head, because they take into consideration a full x/y/z grid rather than just an x/y coordinate plane.

Last time we recognized that we can use a 2D grid to dumb down a 3D event, and that we can use a 3D grid to dumb down a 4D event. We then discussed how we operate from this 4D vantage point all the time, and that by simply ignoring your exact physical location, this "3D" grid can now become a massive network of probable decisions (aka 4D events). By paying more attention to this conceptual grid of 4D events, master strategists and successful people in general intuitively gain a legit edge over the world around them.

Spit it out bra.

So wheres the 5D come in?
Imagine that you are standing in the middle of a massive dark room. Now, imagine that this entire room is lined with ├╝ber high-tech lasers that all work together to create a 3D hologram all around you. This hologram displays the "3D" web that we just revisited; the one that ignores your physical location in lieu of only displaying probable 4D events. You are standing in this hologram as a transparency; a ghostly observer. The lasers all simply pass through you. You notice that in the dead-center of the room one of the intersections of the web is positioned directly over a microscope. This intersection of the web that is positioned on the microscope is your present, my friend. You walk closer to get a better view, and peer inside the present. You view the world from that present, but you decide it is not to your liking. You draw your head away from the microscope, and look nearby for an alternative.

Look! Over there! Perhaps that location would be better!

You have identified a new present that you would like to examine, so you clasp the web with your hands and drag that new present over to your microscope; completely altering the entire shape of the web (your hands can impact the web, but only if you want them to). In this fashion you shape your everyday reality. You simply identify a new 4D grid location that you desire to experience, and pull it towards your present. Such is why the "past" and "future" are such arbitrary words; all these probable presents still exist, all the time. A geneticist looking at a slide on a microscope can not see what is contained on all the other slides they have prepared, because only one of them can be viewed through the microscope at a time, but this does not negate the existence of the other slides in the lab. I hope you are following me here; it's taken me weeks to figure out how to describe this in an understandable way.

Now, there you are, standing in this crazy-ass holographic room manipulating your life with every 4D event you pull towards your present. But wait a second. . .

Where the hell are you standing?
I mean, you're standing someplace, right? That means that your consciousness in this scenario is occupying a vantage point outside of the 4D events that you are observing. This is the beginning of 5th Dimensional thought. You, standing in that holographic room playing with the web of your life, represent but one location in an even grander (and much harder to conceptualize) 5th Dimensional grid system; the Grand Web.

It's just another grid-point location.

What you are seeing with your two physical eyes right now as you read this is the product of whatever present you decided to drag over to your microscope and stare at. Your physical perceptions, while in waking consciousness, are all bound up in the intersection of the web you desired to look at. Likewise you, standing in that holographic room, are actually only the product of whatever grid coordinate location your higher self decided to drag to it's own microscope. At this point the ability of words to functionally serve a purpose is dwindling, but I sure hope you're grasping this, because it is only from a basic understanding of these 5th Dimensional thought processes that we can begin to fully appreciate what it is you are accomplishing in your dreams.

I get it, this can be kinda hard to visualize. But it gets easier and easier, I promise.
In your dreams it's really not all that hard to see though. In fact, it's the norm to operate in 5th dimensional thought in your dreams. . . that's kinda what a dream is. It is only when most people sleep that they finally allow themselves the permission to release, and venture back to where they sprouted. I often hear people in my esoteric fields-of-interest who speak of the 'High Self', the 'Middle Self', and the 'Low Self'; perhaps you are familiar with the terms. I often get a sense of emptiness from such words, like they're just sayin spiritual words for the sake of sounding spiritual and fluffing their own ass; much like the point I make in the introduction to Solidifying a Psychological Cliche'. I see things like "Just channel your Higher Self and your intuition will guide you". . . Dafuq's that supposed to mean? Do you even know what that is, or are you really just another coward trying to find excuses for why you don't understand something?

I bring this up because these terms do in fact have very real meaning; they are simply misused often enough that they don't hold much water with many people these days. It's simple enough:

  • The Lower Self is the body you are looking out of right now. The body, like everything else in the universe, is a holographic manifestation of the mind. The Lower Self is the one that feels physical pain and experiences physical pleasures.
  • The Middle Self is the body you are looking out of while manipulating the 4D grid in that holographic room we discussed earlier. The Middle Self makes the decisions; calls the shots for what goes on in life. The Middle Self is the Mind. By grabbing the infinite web with the two hands of your middle self, you shape and form the reality that your Lower Self lives.
  • The Higher Self is the body that you are looking out of as you manipulate the Grand Web. The Grand Web is probably where your mind starts to get blown, and that's normal; such things take getting use to and very few people who have ever lived have mastered this form of thought (think Jesus-type figures). This vantage point is from the body of your Soul. This body is going to be the highlight of Part III of this series, because it is from here that you launch yourself into all of your dreams. As a snippet of what's to come: one of the main points that will be addressed next time will be the fact that the life you're living right now is just another 'dream' being generated by your soul. The only difference between this 'dream' and the dreams you are familiar with is that this one happenes to be shared with a great number of other people; resulting in a much more solidified field of cooperative observations. Every time you wake up in the morning, you are effectively only transitioning from one dream to another.
Realistically these terms are arbitrary, just like everything else. There is another aspect of yourself that makes your "Higher Self" (soul) appear as basic and primal as your "Lower Self" does now by comparison, so don't get too hung up on the lingo here (there is an oversoul to your soul, and even more beyond that; it doesn't simply stop there dude). I introduce the terms because when we return for Part III of this series it will be much easier to communicate certain concepts if we all have a solid basis of terminology; otherwise shit gets twisted pretty damn easy.

In Part III we will finally begin to dissect how you can use this information to make your life kick much more ass, so stay tuned! Until next time loved ones.

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